Junior Varsity Camp Registration

Regular price $100.00

The camp will provide participants with cutting edge, fun, and exciting sessions to inspire confidence and promote success in the game of rugby. Players will receive technical coaching to build their skills and will be put into a wide variety of activities and game-like situations to enhance their decision-making ability.  The sessions will aim to develop advanced rugby skills critical to building team defence and attack. 

Skills to Support Principles of Attack 

Players will build pass, catch, and handling skills as well individual running and evasion skills in order to contribute to team attack going forward and applying pressure. Individual and group rucking and mauling skills will be developed to help aid team continuity and maintenance of possession. Kicking skills will be advanced in order to apply pressure and control territory. Players will go through a wide variety of activities in order to make decisions on how to best support the attack. 

Skills to Support Principles of Defence

Players will develop tackling and counter rucking skills in order to help apply pressure, contest possession, and deny territorial gain. Players will be exposed to a wide variety of activities in order to make decisions to best organize and support the team defence. Techniques and strategies to create turnovers will also be developed through game-like situations. 


  • Open to players entering Grades 10-12 in 2020 (and/or birth years 2004, 2005 & 2006) boys and girls
  • Open to members and non-members
  • 3 days Tuesday August 17 -Thursday August 19, 9:30am-12:30 pm at the Crusaders Club/Clubhouse
  • Cost: $100+HST for members; $175+HST for non-members (including the separate purchase of a $75 temporary membership for insurance purposes)
  • Lead coach: Don Kroes (Crusaders U14 coach, NCCP Level 2, High School Physical Education Teacher, former Crusaders Senior Men and Brock University player)